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Discover your Fitzroy Island accommodation

Fitzroy Island Accommodation

Fitzroy Island, Tropical North

Fitzroy Island Resort

Boasting a single, exclusive, world-class resort, nestled perfectly in tropical island paradise, surrounded by lush rainforest, vibrant reefs and utter serenity.

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Fitzroy Island

A tropical paradise enveloped in a colour-explosion of vibrant corals and an abundance of fish, Fitzroy Island is nestled atop the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is the perfect base for reef exploration.

This picturesque setting is home to the Fitzroy Island Resort, the island’s only accommodation, and is framed by luscious rainforest and calm coral beaches. In fact the pristine beaches are sheltered by the fringing reef it is surrounded by; this type of coral reef only occurs in the tropics and grows off the shoreline in a thin strip distinguished by a shallow (or non-existent) back-reef zone or lagoon.

Being literally surrounded by reef makes Fitzroy Island the perfect base for scuba diving, snorkelling, glass bottom boat trips, and reef cruises.  A popular snorkelling spot is Nudey Beach located only kilometre from the resort, despite the name clothing is not optional! There are also a plethora of land activities to partake in, only 100 metres from the resort lies Foxy’s Bar, the island’s very own beer garden overlooking “Welcome Bay” is the ideal place to relax, enjoy a drink, mingle with other guests as well as visitors stopping by from Cairns on the twice daily ferry. The ancient tropical rainforest is just as colourful as the reef except in varying shades of emerald and is home to a large mountain, a prolific native population of butterflies, white crested cockatoos, as well as a host of other wildlife.

Indian Beech, native nutmeg, tamarinds, sheoak, and orchids are just some of the exotic flora one can expect traversing through the Fitzroy Island wilderness either on the Secret Garden walk or the Lighthouse & Summit Trail adventures. The latter is a steeper walk that culminates at the now-abandoned lighthouse which offers extensive views across the Great Barrier Reef and island.

The Fitzroy Island Resort offers a tantalising invitation to discover the mysterious depths of the reef and rainforest vibrant and full of colour and life. An entirely unique holiday experience, Fitzroy Island promises this and more, book your next tropical north Queensland holiday today!